The Lure of The Underground (60x80cm)


งานออกแบบโปสเตอร์เก่า ปี 1927
งาน Print ลงบนผ้าใบ (Real Cotton Canvas) เฟรมไม้ กรอบลอย
ขนาด 60 X 80 cm ราคา 1,750 บาท

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Title: The Lure of the Underground
Artist: Alfred Leete
Published by: Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd
Year: 1927
Size: 525mm x 840 mm (21 x 33 inches)

Alfred Leete was a well-known comic illustrator, whose work included cartoons, postcards, book illustrations and posters which he designed  for the Underground Group from 1915-1928. His most famous poster, ‘Your Country Needs You’ (1914) first appeared on the cover of the weekly magazine “London Opinion” before being adapted for use as a recruitment poster. It is probably the best-known war

Credit : Free Vintage Posters